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Genindexe a brand of the laboratory Labofarm

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Laboratory LABOFARM and GENINDEXE merges within FINALAB.
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Our laboratories

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Laboratory of the group FINALAB, LABOFARM is based to Loudéac, in center-Brittany, in the crossroads of axes St-Brieuc-Vannes-Lorient and Rennes-Brest-Quimper and in the historic heart of the food-processing ponds of production.
A secondary site is based to Moréac ( 56 ).


Our know-how

A team of 27 people is for your service and answers your requests from Monday to Saturday noon.

LABOFARM runs since September 1st, 2015 the brand GENINDEXE, further to the fusion with this laboratory specialist of the analyses of animal genetics.

With an experience of 25 years in the field of the analyses of veterinary biology, the laboratory LABOFARM is situated on the cutting edge of technology in terms of tools of screening of the animal diseases and the genetic analyses. These are put at the disposal of the breeders of poultry and porks, activities history of our laboratory, but also breeders of dogs, cats, cattle and professionals of the marine fish farming (fish, oysters) and of the protection of the environment and the biodiversity

We also provide you with, a whole range of kits of taking who shall allow you to sample in the best conditions.

Our strengths

  • Examinations for autopsy
  • Bacteriology: sowing, identification of germs, realization of antibiogrammes
  • Search for salmonellas in the environment of the poultry breedings
  • Looks for of antibody anti mycoplasmes and anti Salmonella Gallinarum Pullorum in the serum of birds
  • Analyses of water
  • Hygiene
  • PCR for the poultry sector : screening of bacteria (mycoplasmes, O. Virus rhinotracheale, paragallinarum Hour), (respiratory Coronavirus, metapneumovirus, virus of the infectious bursitis, virus of the laryngotracheite, circovirus of the pigeon) and live as a parasite(cause interference) (Histomonas meleagridis)
  • PCR for the porcine sector : screening of bacteria (Lawsonia intracellularis, Brachyspira, Mcoplasma hyopneumoniae, factors(mailmen) of virulence of E.coli), virus (SDRP, Influenza, circovirus, parvovirus)
  • PCR for the aquacultural sector: screening of bacteria (Vibrio splendidus, aestuarianus V., V. harveyi), virus (Nodavirus, Herpes virus of the oyster OsHV1) and parasites ( Enteromyxum Leii)
  • Sexing DNA of birds and researches for infectious agents to the exotic birds (PBFD, PDD, agent of the disease of Pacheco, Polyoma
  • Chlamydophila psittaci)
  • Genetic tests: identification, filiation, genetic diseases (dog, cat), determination of species, study of population...

Our commitments

The values of LABOFARM are the interpersonal skills, the quality of the service, the reactivity and the anticipation of the needs for our industrial customers, breeders and their veterinarians.

Our specialists are also at your disposal to envisage with you the development and the implementation of help tools for the diagnosis and\or genetic analyses answering the closer at your needs.

Finally, all our team is for your listening for any remark or comment allowing us to improve our service.

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Laboratoire LABOFARM - 4 rue Théodore Botrel - BP 351 - 22603 LOUDEAC Cedex - France
Tel. : +33(0)2 96 28 63 43 - Fax. : +33 (0)2 96 66 08 88 - Email :

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