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Laboratory LABOFARM and GENINDEXE merges within FINALAB.
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Genetic Identification on PigeonPigeon

Labofarm-Genindexe participated in the very first test inter laboratory organized by the ISAG for the realization of genetic prints at the Pigeon Colomba livia.

  • Genetic identification Pigeon (panel ISAG) - Price list(rate) in 55€ TTC by individual
  • Filiation Pigeon - 5€ by couple parent - product

Genetic identification - Species on request (works on free estimate)

Actually, Labofarm-Genindexe has microsatellite markers allowing to realize genetic prints on about forty species of birds.

To what can be of use the realization of genetic identifications?

  • Realization of assignment  of kinship (or filiations) and reconstruction of the genealogy of your breedings
  • Study of the structure and the genetic diversity of your populations; to bring you information as for the choice of your couplings
  • Study of the fragmentation of the wild populations in natural environment
  • Determination of case of hybridisme between individuals of species or money different species

You wish to realize this type of analysis on a particular species?

Do not hesitate to contact us to explain ourselves briefly your project and by specifying us the species of birds which you wish to analyze. We study your demand to bring you a custom-made answer under the shape of a free estimate.

picto plumeDNA Sexing 

The sexing DNA of birds at Labofarm-Genindexe is :


  • The biggest database of Europe concerning the sexing by DNA of birds (about 1000 species of  birds)
  • An unequalled precision thanks to the use of the capillary electrophoresis, a high technology used during the female and male chromosome detection of fragments.
  • A reliability assured by the use of specific protocols according to the species of birds.
  • Fast and certified results realized by a qualified personnel (average deadline 72 hours after reception in the laboratory)

For more information: Labofarm / Sexings by DNA

Screening of diseases and perform an autopsy

Labofarm-Genindexe is a laboratory of veterinary analyses specialized in avian pathology

Our laboratory has a PCR service proposing a wide range of tests for the detection of the main avian pathologies.

For more information: Labofarm / avian Diseases

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