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Genindexe a brand of the laboratory Labofarm

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Laboratory LABOFARM and GENINDEXE merges within FINALAB.
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Our laboratories

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Finalab group


FINALAB is the specialist of the analysis of veterinary biology.
5 laboratories distributed on 8 sites in France insure the everyday life more than 2000 analyses.
All our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and our teams of qualified technicians and experts in analytical techniques contribute to insure you the optimal service for the best deadline.


Our laboratories propose you a wide range of tests for the poultry, bovine, porcine, aquacultural sectors and for the birds and the pets.
We also developed an analytical offer intended for the professionals of food-processing industries, for the craftsmen of catering trade and restoration.
The hygiene and the environment are also at the heart of our concerns.


Fort of a know-how of more than 40 years, the laboratories of the group FINALAB are recognized by their French and foreign customers today, as expert in the field of the veterinary analysis.
The recognition of the quality of analyses is realized by several accreditations delivered by the COFRAC.
With the aim of improving our performance and guaranteeing the irreproachable quality of your results, our laboratories adapt themselves and do not stop innovating, in connection with the requests of our customers and the technological evolutions.

Key points 

  • Experts :

- In the control of salmonellas in poultry sector
- For the sanitary qualification of livestock
- In the field of the animal genetics (tests of predisposition in the genetic diseases, the identification genetics, filiation, molecular epidemiology)
- In information systems (export of databases)

  • A wide choice of tests serologies for the poultry and porcine productions (ELISA, test HI) and evaluation of the plans of vaccinations
  • European leader on the market of the diagnosis of the avian mycoplasmes (culture, serology, PCR, determination of CMI)
  • A range ceaselessly more important in molecular biology (more than 70 available tests this day for the poultry, porcine, bovine, aquacultural sectors as well as the breeders of dogs, cats, birds of ornament)
  • A range of tests for the genetic identification and the determination of the genetic predisposition in the diseases of dogs and cats
  • A range completes in hematology, biochemistry, cytology, study of allergies and infectiology for dogs, cats and horses
  • Specialists in anatomo-pathology
  • A robust experience in the genetic analyses intended for the wildlife
  • Engineering in the projects and the conception of laboratories of veterinary biology.

Our specialists and ou R&D team stay in your listening to answer all your questions and your expectations.
For any further information, we invite you to consult our complete catalog of services. Lien


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