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Laboratory LABOFARM and GENINDEXE merges within FINALAB.
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In the service of the veterinarians practitioners and professionals of the human and animal food, the laboratory AaBioVét exists since 1986. The link then the synergy with the group of veterinary analyses Finalab allows to complete the offer in very specialized parameters.

On our technical and logistic site situated to Saint-Omer ( 62 ) is realized a widevariety of analyses:

  • In veterinary biology any species (familiar traditional or industrial, animal animals of breeding or sport, NAC, etc.)
  • in food microbiology

Our development came true thanks to the confidence ceaselessly renewed of numerous veterinarians practitioners who know the quality of the realized work, appreciated also by the veterinary pharmaceutical industry within the framework of clinical trials.


The veterinarians practitioners thus their customers breeders or private individuals as well as the agricultural bodies always represented the main part of our clientele and trust us since almost 30 years. Our expertise in bovine analyses also allows us to attract a national clientele.

Naturally, we were brought to be the referent in analyses of laboratory for clinical trials carried out by the industry of the veterinary medicine before AMM or in support of sale after AMM.

The Northern Region is a seat of bovine, porcine, avian production and cunicole, as well as a pond of population thus of familiar animals and mattering leisure activities explaining our variety of analyses.

Our services are made to be the closest to our customers : the transport of the takings is assured locally by a collection the office, the transport by a wholesaler distributor of medicine allows a service beyond the region and our account Chronopost satisfies our national clientele.

A telephone reception approved by a large majority during satisfaction surveys, a qualified, voluntary and faithful personnel as well as a high-end material make the strength of our laboratory and allow us to meet the requirements of our customers as well as in the standards that we stand out.

We arrange our own standards and units of metrological control to assure permanently the high quality of our services (range of balances coming down to the microgram of precision, thermometer standard, unit of cartography, sticks Elisa standard, serums, bloods and solutions of calibration etc.)


A wide variety of analyses authorizing a global vision any species:

  • Hematology and blood and urinary biochemistry
  • Hormonal and related analyses: progesterone, free T4, Cortisol, tests of gestation....
  • Autopsies for diagnosis - control - expertise.
  • Parasitology
  • Bacteriology

From the ear of the dog to the bovine aigüe métrite including mammites, skin disorders etc.

  • Salmonellas any sectors among which the compulsory controls in poultry (laboratory recognized by the Ministry)
  • Bovine, canine, feline serologies: examples
  • BVD - paratuberculose - respiratory illnesses, abortions, fasciolose, ostertagiose etc.
  • Antigenic analyses: "virology" BVD, Mycoplasma bovis, IBR-RSV - PI3-AD3, diarrhea of the piglets.
  • Bovine PCR :

- Individual parameters (Paratub, Fever Q, BVD)
- Respiratory multiplex: RSV + PI3 + Coronav. + Past mult + Mannheimia + Histophilus + Mycopl. Bovis
- Multiplex abortion: FQ + Chlam + BHV4 + Salmonella + Listeria + Campylobacter + Anaplasma + Leptospires

  • Adaptable proposals concerning the follow-up of bovine breedings
  • Analysis of waters of breeding
  • Food analyses (bacteriology)

Our commitment quality

We implement all the ways to shape us to the requirements of the NF standard IN the ISO / CIS 17025. We are accredited by the COFRAC for the program 116 ( animal Bacteriology) (data available on but our quality policy goes beyond : commitment in the fact that the same procedures are used, as possible, for the other departments, the total confidentiality, the adaptability, the independence, the impartiality, the operational integrity and the refusal of any dishonest compromise.

AaBioVét is capable of developing services and management of the specific data and obtained the approval Credit Tax Look for ( CIR) attributed by the ministry of the education and the research.

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Laboratoire AaBioVét - Centre d'Activités - 29, Quai du Haut Pont - 62500 SAINT-OMER

Tél : 01 93 44 63 - Fax : 03 21 98 70 82 - 

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