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Genindexe a brand of the laboratory Labofarm

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Laboratory LABOFARM and GENINDEXE merges within FINALAB.
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Our laboratories

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Genindexe laboratory

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Genindexe is a brand exploited by the laboratory Labofarm from the Group Finalab.
It groups a set of services of genetic analyses for the needs of all the actors of the animal production sector, to the breeders of pets, and to the professionals of the protection and the animal biodiversity conservation.

Our Know how

Experts' team in genetic analyses, trained to the most recent techniques of genetics and molecular biology assures you of the quality of analyses realized by Genindexe.

Our Key point

  • Genetic identification: canine, feline, cattle, birds, wildlife
  • Screening of genetic diseases : canine, feline, bovine
  • Works on estimate : molecular epidemiology, genetic analyses of populations...
  • Research works and development on request
  • Member of the ISAG (International society for animal genetic) since 2002; participation in the tests interlaboratories

Our values and our commitments

Since 2001, the brandGenindexe is your genetic partner. Forerunners on the market of the genetic analyses, we always favored the listening and the availability. This relation of closeness is for us the essential vector of the confidence which exists between Genindexe and his customers.

We really want to maintain an analytical offer corresponding to the closest for the needs for the users (veterinarians, professionals, particular breeders). Our team is thus for your listening to envisage with you from today the genetic tests of tomorrow.

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Laboratoire LABOFARM-GENINDEXE - 4 rue Théodore Botrel - 22603 Loudéac Cedex

Tel : 02 96 28 63 43 -

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