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Camelidae : Lamas, Alpacas, DromedariesDromadaire

Genetic identification and certificate of kinship by microsatellite markers (panel ISAG):

Test practicable on sampling of blood (tube EDTA) or oral

Authentification of the products of the sea: origin of raw materials

Genindexe propose you to identify your animal-derived raw materials to guarantee its authenticity thanks to the analysis of the DNA barcoding, or genetic bar code.
This method bases on the sequencing of a part of the DNA extracted from your samples: the mitochondrial gene of Cytochrome Oxydase subunit I (or QUIET).
The obtained sequences are then compared with the certified and available genetic databases for very numerous species of the animal kingdom.

This kind of analysis presents an interest particularly to the species stemming from the marine environment (fishes, mollusks, shellfish) to assure the traceability of foodstuffs. The products of the sea consist of a large number of species marketed under varied forms and having different market values.
Those analyses are practicable on fresh products or frozen food.

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